Spreadsheets are the backbone of business finance and can be easily used by individuals as well. You can use keep your checkbook or to create advance pivot tables from millions of lines of data. Whatever your fancy, many uses of spreadsheets are made possible through built in functions. Functions are like pre-defined formulas waiting to be used. You just need to know what the functions are. This site explores the different functions and how to use them in your spreadsheet.

What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets in an online spreadsheet produced by Google. It saves files to Google Drive and is presented together with other Google productivity programs Docs, Slides, and Forms. There are two main aspects of these programs that makes them competitive with Microsoft's Office, the market leader - they are real-time multi-user and they are free.

What is Sheets Help?

Sheets Help is a resource for using Google Sheets efficiently and effectively. Functions are the heart of a spreadsheet and this site contains descriptions, details, and examples of them. When working with large amounts of data, built-in functions are what tranform spreadsheets from glorified calculators to the wizards of the business world.