QUERY Function – Google Sheets

The QUERY function in Google Sheets uses SQL-like syntax to analyze and return your spreadsheet data in a new table. While adding the SQL syntax provides this function with flexibility, it also makes learning harder. The family of FILTER functions in Google Sheets offers a simpler alternative to the QUERY function. But they don’t recognize … Read more

SPARKLINE Function – Google Sheets

The SPARKLINE function lets a spreadsheet user embed a miniature chart into a cell. Sparklines are similar to regular charts but much simpler to use. Sparklines can be in the form of bar charts, column, and win-loss, or line graphs. Syntax =SPARKLINE(data,[options]) Video Explanation Examples As shown in the image below, sparklines can produce a … Read more

IMAGE Function – Google Sheets

The IMAGE function lets a spreadsheet user insert a picture file into a cell. You must specify the source of the picture file as a URL. Syntax =IMAGE(url,[mode],[height],[width]) Video Tutorial Errors #N/A – The function does not have enough arguments. This error can occur because you used option #4 but did not specify height and … Read more