CONCATENATE Function – Google Sheets

The CONCATENATE function in Google Sheets combines text strings.


=CONCATENATE(string1, [string2, ...])

  • string1 – The first string you want to concatenate.
  • string2string3, etc. – Optional. Other strings to concatenate.

Similar Functions

CONCAT – Join two text strings

JOIN – Concatenate parts of an array with a delimiter


Here are three examples of how to use this function:

Example 1 – Two Text Strings

Two strings being joined by the CONCATENATE function
Two Text Strings

=CONCATENATE("Hello, ", "world!")

This formula will combine the text strings Hello, and world! to create the output Hello, world!.

Example 2 – Cell References

The CONCATENTATE function with cell references
Cell References


This formula will combine the text in cells A1 and B1, separated by a space. For example, if cell A1 contains the text “Hello, ” and cell B1 contains the text “world!“, this formula will return the output “Hello, world!“.

Example 3 – Using the & Operator

=A1&" "&B1

This formula creates the same output as the previous example but uses the & operator as shorthand. You can use this shortcut to save time.

Live Examples of CONCATENATE in a Shared Sheet

Check out the examples from this page in a live Google Sheet.


This function is a powerful tool that you can use to combine text strings and numbers in Google Sheets. Following the examples in this tutorial, you can learn how to use this function to create your formulas.

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