Learn How to Insert International Currency Symbols

Currency symbols such as ₩, €, or ₮ can inform spreadsheet users what country’s currency you are working with. You can insert these symbols into Google Sheets using one of the three methods discussed below. Use the method that works best in your spreadsheet.

⚠️ These currency symbols are text strings. Go to the Format menu, choose Number, then Custom currency to show a number with a currency sign in the same cell.

Use the CHAR Function

Find the Unicode decimal code for the shape in the table at the end of this article, and insert it using the CHAR function. For example, =CHAR(8362) inserts “NEW SHEQEL SIGN.”

The CHAR function inserting a currency symbol

Copy and Paste

You can find the symbol you want in the table below, copy the shape from the Appearance column, and paste it into your spreadsheet.

Use an Add-On

The Insert Special Characters add-on is the easiest way to insert international currency symbols. Browse through the symbols and choose the symbol you want. Then insert the character with just one click.

Using the Insert Special Characters Add-On for Currency Symbols
Insert Special Characters Add-On

Currency Symbols and Their Unicode Decimal Code

Use the symbols from this chart to easily insert international currency symbols into your Google Sheets and enhance the presentation of your financial data or calculations.

36Dollar Sign$
162Cent Sign¢
163Pound Sign£
164Currency Sign¤
165Yen Sign¥
1423Armenian Dram Sign֏
1547Afghani Sign؋
2046Nko Dorome Sign߾
2047Nko Taman Sign߿
2546Bengali Rupee Mark
2547Bengali Rupee Sign
2555Bengali Ganda Mark
2801Gujarati Rupee Sign
3065Tamil Rupee Sign
3647Thai Currency Symbol Baht฿
6107Khmer Currency Symbol Riel
8352Euro-Currency Sign
8353Colon Sign
8354Cruzeiro Sign
8355French Franc Sign
8356Lira Sign
8357Mill Sign
8358Naira Sign
8359Peseta Sign
8360Rupee Sign
8361Won Sign
8362New Sheqel Sign
8363Dong Sign
8364Euro Sign
8365Kip Sign
8366Tugrik Sign
8367Drachma Sign
8368German Penny Sign
8369Peso Sign
8370Guarani Sign
8371Austral Sign
8372Hryvnia Sign
8373Cedi Sign
8374Livre Tournois Sign
8375Spesmilo Sign
8376Tenge Sign
8377Indian Rupee Sign
8378Turkish Lira Sign
8379Nordic Mark Sign
8380Manat Sign
8381Ruble Sign
8382Lari Sign
8383Bitcoin Sign
43064North Indic Rupee Mark
65020Rial Sign
65129Small Dollar Sign
65284Fullwidth Dollar Sign
65504Fullwidth Cent Sign
65505Fullwidth Pound Sign
65509Fullwidth Yen Sign
65510Fullwidth Won Sign
73693Tamil Sign Kaacu𑿝
73694Tamil Sign Panam𑿞
73695Tamil Sign Pon𑿟
73696Tamil Sign Varaakan𑿠
123647Wancho Ngun Sign𞋿
126128Indic Siyaq Rupee Mark𞲰