Sheets offers functions for sorting and filtering data that are typically only found in the menu options of other spreadsheet programs, or not found at all in the cases ofSORTNandUNIQUE. On the desktop version of Sheets, theSORTandFILTERfunctions are available through the menus as shown in the pictures below, while the tablet version has a 'Create a filter' option in the more (three circles in a vertical line) menu on the right hand side of the screen.

Filter button on the desktop toolbar

Filter button on the desktop toolbar

SORT options in the desktop menus

Sort options in the desktop menus

FILTER option in the tablet app menu

Filter option on tablet app

TheUNIQUEfunction, which does not exist as a function in Excel, removes duplicate rows of data in a spreadsheet. Another Sheets-only function,SORTN, returnsnnumber of items from a range of data.

All filter functions

The ability to use these as functions is what sets Sheets apart from the competition.

Sort Options


FILTER Options


Screen capture of the unique function


Screen capture of the SORTN function


Videos for each filter function