Financial Functions in Google Sheets

The collection of financial functions in Sheets deal with monetary value and the related effects of interest and dividends over time. Formulas can arrive at a future value, present value, expected rate of return, and so forth. Many of these calculations can be bandaged together with more simple functions. However, the usage of financial functions can be more efficient and accurate once you master them.

Also grouped into financial functions are depreciation calculations. According to GAAP, a company should depreciate property, plant, or equipment expected to benefit the owner for more than one year. You should choose the depreciation method that is closest to the actual usage pattern. In a real-world application, this is usually straight line. Still, it could be an accelerated method such as declining balancedouble-declining balance, or sum-of-the-years-digits. These accelerated methods are far easier to calculate with the help of these functions.


Thumbnail showing a depreciation schedule
Depreciation Schedule Video

Thumbnail showing depreciation in Google Sheets
Depreciation Functions Video

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