Multi-Sheet Pivot Tables in Google Sheets | No Formulas

A pivot table is a powerful tool in Google Sheets that allows you to summarize and analyze data from different sources. However, you can’t create a pivot table from data across multiple sheets with the built-in Pivot Table editor.

Selecting a Range

OmniPivot Add-On

To use more than one data range, you can use our OmniPivot add-on. OmniPivot lets you combine data from multiple sheets into one pivot table. The add-on runs inside Google Sheets and is available in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

OmniPivot is a Google Sheets add-on that allows you to create pivot tables from multiple sheets in the same spreadsheet. This tutorial will show you how to use OmniPivot to analyze your data across different sources.

Install OmniPivot

Install Omnipivot from the Google Workspace Marketplace. You can find it by searching for “OmniPivot” or following this link. Once you install it, you will see a new menu item called “OmniPivot” in your Google Sheets side panel.

OmniPivot in the Side Panel

Pick Sheets to Combine

Click on the icon in the side panel to start the add-on. Select the sheets that you want to include in your pivot table. You can do this by checking the boxes next to the sheet names.

Combine the Sheets

The next step is simple. Just click the OmniPivot button to combine the sheets.

The OmniPivot sidebar showing the button to click
OmniPivot Button

Create Your Pivot Table

After clicking the OmniPivot button, a new sheet will be created with a blank pivot table. Click on the empty pivot table and you will see the pivot table editor button appear.

Pivot table editor button
Pivot Table from Combined Sheet

Click on the pivot table editor button to design the pivot table. You can drag and drop the fields from the sidebar to the pivot table’s rows, columns, values, and filter areas. You can also change the aggregation functions, sorting options, and formatting options from the sidebar.

Pivot table design open and ready to go
Pivot Table Editor Ready for Use

The pivot table will automatically refresh whenever you change your source sheets. You can add or remove sheets, fields, or options from your pivot table anytime.


OmniPivot is free for seven days, then $59 for a lifetime license. No subscription is needed.

Multiple User Pricing

We offer the following discounts for multiple users in the same organization. Contact us before you checkout. 

QuantityUnit Price
2 – 10$39
11 – 50$19
51 – 200$9
201 +$5


Congratulations! You have successfully created a pivot table from multiple sheets using Omnipivot. You can now explore your data and gain insights from different perspectives.