OmniPivot – The Multi-Range Pivot Table Solution

OmniPivot is a revolutionary Google Sheets add-on that shatters the single-range restriction of native pivot tables. You can now combine data from multiple ranges, unlocking a universe of data analysis possibilities.

Unleash the Power of Multiple Ranges:

  • Break free: No longer confined to a single data set, OmniPivot allows you to seamlessly combine data from multiple sheets.
  • Unify diverse data: Analyze disparate data sets, revealing hidden relationships and trends that would otherwise remain invisible.
  • Simplify complex analysis: Eliminate the need for manual data consolidation and manipulation. OmniPivot does it all for you, saving you valuable time and effort.

Effortless Data Integration:

  • Intuitive interface: OmniPivot integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets, adding a user-friendly interface for selecting and combining data ranges.
  • Dynamic updates: Changes made to your data are automatically reflected in your pivot table, ensuring your analysis stays current.

OmniPivot is not just an add-on, it’s a game-changer for data analysis in Google Sheets. Whether you’re a seasoned analyst or just starting out, OmniPivot empowers you to unlock the full potential of your data.

Video Tutorial

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OmniPivot is free for seven days, then $59 for a lifetime license. No subscription is needed.

Multiple User Pricing

We offer the following discounts for multiple users in the same organization. Contact us before you checkout. 

QuantityUnit Price
2 – 10$39
11 – 50$19
51 – 200$9
201 +$5

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