SPARKLINE Function – Google Sheets

The SPARKLINE function enables a spreadsheet user to embed a miniature chart into a cell. They are similar to charts but much simpler to use. Sparklines can be in the form of bar charts, column, and win-loss, or line graphs.



  • data – The range of cells or array of data from which to make the sparkline. The range is required.
  • [type] – Optional specifications to customize the chart. There are many options.

Video Explanation

YouTube Video Tutorial Explaining the SPARKLINE Function


As shown in the image below, sparklines can produce a visual for one row at a time. While this data would be noisy in a full chart, sparklines allow you to see each row clearly without the distraction of other data.

Examples of the line, bar, column and win loss SPARKLINE charts
SPARKLINE Examples See Shared Sheet for More Detail

The first chart is a line chart which can help show trends. The bar chart shows the proportion of amounts relative to a whole. Column charts can show individual numbers’ values, and a win-loss chart shows whether each value is positive or negative.

Live examples in Sheets

Go to this spreadsheet for more examples that you can study and use anywhere you would like.

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