SPARKLINE Function – Google Sheets

The SPARKLINE function lets a spreadsheet user embed a miniature chart into a cell. Sparklines are similar to regular charts but much simpler to use. Sparklines can be in the form of bar charts, column, and win-loss, or line graphs.

Help for the SPARKLINE function



  • data – The range of cells or array of data from which to make the sparkline.
  • [options] – Optional specifications to customize the chart. There are many options.

Video Explanation

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As shown in the image below, sparklines can produce a visual for one row at a time. While this data would be noisy in a full chart, sparklines allow you to see each row clearly without other distracting data.

Examples of the line, bar, column and win loss SPARKLINE charts

The first chart is a line chart that can help show trends. The bar chart shows the proportion of amounts relative to a whole. Column charts can show individual numbers’ values, and a win-loss chart shows whether each value is positive or negative.

Live Examples in Sheets

Go to this spreadsheet for more examples you can study and use anywhere.