StaySorted – Keep Google Sheets Rows Automatically Sorted

  StaySorted keeps your data in order, even after adding new rows. After installing this add-on, the rows in your table will automatically sort based on the column you choose.

This no-code solution works on tables of any size and all data types. No formulas are needed; tell the add-on where your data is and how to sort it.

You no longer need to continually re-sort your table after every new entry.


The StaySorted add-on is free for seven days, then $59 for a lifetime license. No subscription is needed.

Video Instructions

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Are there limitations on the usage of this app?

StaySorted functions per the daily quotas Google imposes on all add-ons and apps. This limits the app’s run time per request and an overall daily run time. The limits are the same in the free and paid versions of StaySorted.

The add-on works for each user that has it installed when used in a shared sheet.

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