TIME Function – Google Sheets

The TIME function takes three numbers and converts them to a time with hours, minutes, and seconds. You could be working with large tables with separate columns for the hour, minute, and second. The TIME function will combine the three columns into one value. Furthermore, if you want to use a time in a formula … Read more

WORKDAY.INTL Function – Google Sheets

The WORKDAY.INTL function calculates a workday a given number of days away from a date. You can optionally specify a list of holidays to exclude from the count and other weekends. If your days, months, and years are in separate cells, use the DATE function to combine them. This function is different from the WORKDAY … Read more

TYPE Function – Google Sheets

The TYPE function checks a cell and returns the data type as an integer. There are several different types of data allowed in a Google Sheet, and knowing the type helps you understand how to use it. More specific functions are available to determine a cell’s data type, but they only return TRUE or FALSE. … Read more