SUM Function – Google Sheets

The SUM function is the most popular function in Google Sheets. The syntax is easy to remember and works the same across most spreadsheet programs. Feel free to copy the template with these examples to follow along. Purpose This function returns the total of a series of numbers, cells, or both. Video Explanation Syntax =SUM(value1, [value2,…]) value1 – … Read more

ARRAYFORMULA Function – Google Sheets

The ARRAYFORMULA function spreads its output across multiple rows and columns. You can use this function to repeat non-array functions such as SUM, PRODUCT, or AVERAGE. As with other functions that generate arrays, such as FILTER and QUERY, the output needs space to expand below and right. Keep this in mind, so you do not … Read more

IMAGE Function – Google Sheets

The IMAGE function lets a spreadsheet user insert an image into a cell. You must specify the source of the picture file as a URL. Syntax =IMAGE(url,[mode],[height],[witdth]) url – The location of the image on the web – (“”). You must either use quotation marks around the URL or put it in another cell and … Read more

DATEDIF Function – Google Sheets

The DATEDIF function calculates the difference between two days. You can return the difference in days, months, years, or combinations. Whereas the DAYS function will only return days, this function has multiple output options. The input for this function needs to be either surrounded by quotes or a cell reference. If your days, months, and … Read more