Count Cells Not Containing Certain Text – Google Sheets

There are several different ways to count cells in Google Sheets conditionally. However, most techniques look for a positive match to a condition. Let’s explore the opposite, where we count cells that do not match a condition. Follow along with these examples using this live spreadsheet. We will be using COUNTIF in these examples, which … Read more

SUMIFS Function – Google Sheets

The SUMIFS function is used in Google Sheets to add numbers if multiple conditions are true. SUMIFS checks for the conditions then adds values if those conditions are TRUE. Remember that all conditions must be met for the function to sum a value, and all ranges must be the same size. You can use SUMIF … Read more

SUMIF Function – Google Sheets

The SUMIF function is used in Google Sheets to add numbers if data meets a specific condition. SUMIF checks for a condition then adds a value if that condition is TRUE. Use SUMIFS to check for multiple conditions. Feel free to copy the template with these examples to follow along. Purpose This function returns the total of … Read more