3 Google Sheets Formulas for No-Code App Builders

This tutorial focuses on three must-know Google Sheets functions for building a no-code app. No-code app builders may not be familiar with spreadsheets, just as spreadsheet users (gulp) may not know how to build an app. I had the pleasure of working with Darren Alderman, who makes Glide apps for Google Sheets. We collaborated on … Read more

IMPORTRANGE Function – Google Sheets

The IMPORTRANGE function imports a range of cells from another spreadsheet. It is used to aggregate data from different sources while allowing those sources to remain in separate files. This function is not needed if both sheets are in the same file. Use cell references if you are linking between two sheets. Purpose IMPORTRANGE creates … Read more

Using Cell References in Google Sheets

Cell references tell Google Sheets where to look for a value. Cell references can point to a single cell (A1), a range of cells (D3:D6). These cells can be in the same sheet, a different sheet, or a sheet in another file. We will cover all of these scenarios below. You use cell references when … Read more