TripTally – Calculate Distances in Google Sheets

The three steps to use TripTally for finding distances

Three Simple Steps

TripTally screenshot showing input fields

TripTally finds the distance between addresses in Google Sheets in three easy steps.

  • Enter the location of the beginning addresses
  • Enter the location of the ending addresses
  • Click run


  • Save time for yourself or your business.
  • Calculate distances in miles or kilometers.
  • Use different transportation modes.
    • Driving, biking, transit, etc.
  • Provide a link to the directions in Google MapsTM.

TripTally fetches starting and ending addresses from your Google Sheet, and you tell it what to return – distance, time, or a link to the directions on Google MapsTM. Our app sends the addresses confidentially to Google MapsTM and returns the calculated data to your spreadsheet.

TripTally logo of a map pin on a grid.

Setup Options

Options for TripTally

Use your spreadsheet with addresses, or have TripTally create a template. If Google MapsTM can interpret the addresses, they will work in this add-on.

Video Tutorial

YouTube player


TripTally is free for seven days, then $67 for a lifetime license. No subscription is needed.


How many addresses can TripTally process?

TripTally functions per the daily quotas Google imposes on all add-ons and apps. This limits the app’s run time to 30sec per request, 1,000 or 10,000 directions requests per day (depending on the type of Google account), and an overall daily run-time. The limits are the same in the free and paid versions of TripTally.

Does TripTally work with Place Chips?

Yes, any address that Google Maps recognizes will work in the TripTally. The chip’s formatting does not impact the validity of an address.

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