Find the Weeks and Days Between Two Dates

If you are working with dates and times in Google Sheets, you may need to calculate the difference between two dates in weeks and days. There is no one-function solution here, so we need to be creative. Fortunately, Google Sheets provides several functions to do this easily.

Example – Weeks and Days

Here’s how you can find the number of weeks and days between two times in Google Sheets:

  1. Enter the two dates you want to compare in separate cells. For example, to find the difference between January 1st, 2023, and May 10th, 2023, enter those dates in cells A1 and B1, respectively.
  2. To convert the difference to weeks and days, enter the following formula in another cell: =INT((B1-A1)/7) & " weeks, " & MOD(B1-A1,7) & " days".
    • First, the formula subtracts the earlier date in A1 from the later date in B1.
    • The formula divides the difference by 7 to get the number of weeks.
    • Then uses, the INT function to round down the result to the nearest whole number.
    • It then uses the MOD function to get the remainder, which represents the number of days left over after dividing by 7.
    • Last, you join the parts of the formula with &s to concatenate them into a text string.
  3. The result shows the number of weeks and days between the two dates in the format “X weeks, Y days”.

For example, if you apply this formula to January 1st, 2023, and May 10th, 2023, you’ll get the result “18 weeks, 3 days”.

Calculating the difference in weeks and days
Formula for Weeks and Days

Live Example in Sheets

Feel free to use this Google Sheet with the examples from this article.

TIMEDIF Add-On – No Formulas

For a mixed output with years, weeks, or months, consider using the TIMEDIF add-on. This add-on creates an accurate result with no code.


In conclusion, calculating the number of weeks and days between two times in Google Sheets is possible, thanks to the various built-in functions available, and simple if you’re using the TIMEDIF add-on.

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