Creating a New Spreadsheet Using Google Sheets

There are several ways to create a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets. We explain each technique below for you to choose which works best for you.

Before jumping in, make sure you sign in to a Google account. Alternatively, Google Sheets is available to users of Dropbox, Box, or Egnyte. If you are using one of these services, you will need to create a new Google Sheet inside that account.

Video Tutorial

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Video Tutorial on Creating a Spreadsheet

Creating a New Spreadsheet

Start with a Blank Sheet at address in a browser in a Browser

The quickest method to create a new spreadsheet is to visit the website Although this is the fastest method, Sheets saves the spreadsheet in the My Drive location in Google Drive. If you organize your Drive using folders, it may make more sense to create the Sheet inside of Drive, which we’ll cover next.

Start a New Sheet Inside of Google Drive

Log into Google Drive and navigate to the folder you want. This folder will be the location of your spreadsheet. Once you find or create the folder you want, click on the New button in the upper-left of the screen.

New button in Drive
The New Button in Google Drive

After clicking, go down to Google Sheets and choose Blank spreadsheet.

Menu for creating a blank spreadsheet
Create a Blank Spreadsheet

This option gives you an empty spreadsheet so you can start from scratch.

Start with a New Sheet Inside of Google Sheets

You can also create a new spreadsheet when using Google Sheets. To do this, go to File, New, then choose Spreadsheet.

Menu to create a new spreadsheet from inside of Google Sheets
Create a Spreadsheet

You would typically choose to create a new file inside of Sheets if you already made a spreadsheet and were looking to create another.

Start with a Template

If you know what kind of spreadsheet you want to create, there may be a template for you to use.

Menu for creating a spreadsheet from a template
Create From a Template

Templates give you content, formulas, and formatting already created for different situations. Once you choose your template, you can change the content to suit your needs.

Many different templates
Some of the available templates

Using the Spreadsheet

Now that you created your first spreadsheet, you can learn the parts of a spreadsheet or jump into working with rows, columns, and cells. Once your spreadsheet is ready, share it with your coworkers or start making money with it at

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