How to Use Rating Chips in Google Sheets

Rating chips in Google Sheets are a great way to collect data and feedback from others. They are one of several Smart Chips that extend a cell’s ability to store data. In this article, we’ll show how three friends rated their dinner experience at a new restaurant using Rating Chips.

The three friends, Jean, Bob, and Dwayne, had dinner at a fancy new restaurant. They’re excited to try the food and see the atmosphere.

Setting up the Google Sheet

After dinner, they decide to use Google Sheets to rate their experience. They create a new spreadsheet and share it with each other. They add a column for each friend and a row for each rating category, such as service, value, and food. Follow along with a copy of the spreadsheet as we work through the example.

Labeled columns and rows
Labeled Columns and Rows

Inserting the Rating Chips

After setting it up, this spreadsheet has a good space for the Rating Chips in the cell range of B2:D4. Now, let’s select that range and insert the Ratings Chips.

Cell range highlighted with mouse
Select The Cell Range

To insert a rating chip:

  1. Select the cell(s) where you want to insert the rating chip.
  2. Click Insert > Smart chips > Rating.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear with a list of ratings. Select the rating you want to give.
Location of the Rating Chip in the menus
Insert The Rating Chips

Giving the Star Ratings

Jean, Bob, and Dwayne each rate the restaurant’s service, value, and food. To change the number of starts, they can click on each star and select how many you want, or type a whole number between 0 and 5.

Once they’ve rated each aspect of the dining experience, they can use Google Sheets to calculate the average rating for each.

Calculating the Average Rating

Before you write the formula for calculating the average, it is important to understand that Rating Chips represent whole numbers from 0 to 5. Therefore, we must use the ROUND function to eliminate any fractional values. Let’s write our first formula in the row with the Service ratings. This cell reference will be B2:D2.

  1. Start your formula with the = sign.
  2. Then, write out the ROUND function and give it the AVERAGE function as its argument.
  3. Then, give the average function the cell range.
  4. The formula will be as follows:


One formula in the first row
The Formula for Average Service

Copy and paste this formula into the next two rows.

All formulas completed and showing the ratings
Completed Ratings and Average Ratings

The average rating for the Service is 4 stars, the average rating for the Value is 4 stars, and the average rating for the Food is 5 stars.

Video Tutorial


Using rating chips in Google Sheets is a great way to collect data and feedback from others. It’s also a fun and interactive way to share your experiences with friends.

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