DAYS360 Function – Google Sheets

The DAYS360 function calculates days using 30 days for each month. When using a 365-day daily interest rate computation, the interest rate is divided by 365 and multiplied by the principal for each day you calculate interest. When using a 360-day year method, the interest rate is divided by 360 and multiplied by the principal … Read more

DATEVALUE Function – Google Sheets

The DATEVALUE function accepts a date value in any valid format and returns it as a serial number. Spreadsheets store dates and times as serial numbers in Google Sheets, so they work in formulas (you can add March plus June). You can use the DATEVALUE function to prepare dates to be sorted, filtered, or used in formulas. … Read more

DAY Function – Google Sheets

The DAY function is a simple date function that extracts just the day from a given time. If you work with times but only care about the day, this function lets you get rid of everything else. Typically you will find this function combined with others to return a number for further calculation. This function … Read more