TRAVELDIRECTIONS Function – Google Sheets

TRAVELDIRECTIONS gives spreadsheet users turn-by-turn directions in Google Sheets without switching applications.

❗This custom function is only available to users of the Travel Formulas add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Travel Formulas uses Google Maps for you while you stay in your spreadsheet.

The help text for the TRAVELDIRECTIONS function


The TRAVELDIRECTIONS function writes turn-by-turn directions into your spreadsheet.

All Travel Formulas

TRAVELTIME – Returns the trip duration between locations

TRAVELDISTANCE – Finds the trip distance between locations

TRAVELROUTEURL – Returns the link to your route in Google Maps™

TRAVELDIRECTIONS – Provides turn-by-turn directions


=TRAVELDIRECTIONS(origin, destination, unit, mode, departure_time)

origin – The starting location

destination – The ending location

unit – The unit of distance (“mi”, “km”) [optional, defaults to miles]

mode – The mode of travel (“driving”, “walking”, “bicycling”, “transit”) [optional, defaults to driving]

departure_time – A datetime in the future for transit/driving in traffic. It is best to use a cell reference formatted to a datetime [optional, defaults to present time]


Example 1 – Two Locations

Let’s start by keeping it simple and using two locations: one for the origin and the other for the destination.

Directions Between Two Addresses

Formula: =TRAVELDIRECTIONS("Pullman National Historical Park","Wrigley Field")

Example 2 – Walking in Europe

Next, let’s say you’re planning a walking tour of Berlin. You like to plan your itinerary down to the minute, so you take advantage of the departure time feature, change the output to kilometers, and specify that you are walking.

Afternoon Walking Directions

Formula Used: =TRAVELDIRECTIONS("Französischer Dom","Pergamonmuseum ", "km","walking","7/15/2025 2:00 PM")


In conclusion, the TRAVELDIRECTIONS formula is a versatile tool for planning trips without leaving Google Sheets.